The Weekly Calendar - Your Command Central


The Weekly Calendar button on the Executive Dashboard opens a calendar view of your classes by week. This is your class command center and allows you to manage almost all areas of your classes from one screen! Note: The Weekly Calendar is for internal use only, it is not available to your families.

You'll also have access to the Weekly Calendar using the Calendar link above the blue menu bar on all screens in your database. 

The Weekly Calendar opens in a new window and displays a week-long calendar of classes. While the Weekly Calendar is most easily accessed from the Executive Dashboard, you can also navigate to this calendar from the Reports (menu) > Find a Report > Classes/Enrollment (left menu) > Classes (tab) > Weekly Calendar. Other calendar/schedule views, such as a monthly or by room, are also available. These are discussed in more detail in our Help article Class Calendars and Schedules.

Note: The Weekly Calendar and other calendar options (daily, monthly, and room) only include your class offerings. At this time your Events are NOT included. Access to the Events calendar can be located at Events (menu) > Calendar.

Weekly Calendar Features

  1. Calendar Criteria and display buttons allow you to customize your calendar view.
    • When first opened your Weekly Calendar will bring up the current week's schedule with no criteria selected (no filters applied, all classes showing). 
    • Use the Prev and Next buttons, or the date field, to change the week you are viewing. 
    • The currently selected criteria are displayed. 
    • Use the Change Criteria button to edit those selections.
    • Use the Add Class button to quickly add a class. You can also add a class by clicking into a specific time slot.
    • Click the Settings button to change the time range that your calendar displays. Set this to your facility's opening and closing time.
    • Select Show Students to add the enrolled students' names to the class information that displays when you rest your mouse pointer over the class on the calendar (hover without clicking).

    • The Show Full Classes checkbox defaults to checked to display full classes as well as classes with openings. Clear the checkbox to hide classes that are full which makes it easier to find a class with an opening to enroll a student in.

  2. Click the link on a date to look at the daily view. The display criteria you have selected will also be applied to that daily view. For more information on the daily view see our Help article Class Calendars and Schedules.
  3. Review the summary information for each class on the calendar at a glance. Click the linkfor quick access to the class record.
    • Class name
    • Number of openings (#)
    • Number of future drops #FD
    • Number of future enrolls #FE
    • Number of absences for that day (#a)
    • Number of makeups for that day (#m)
  4. Accurate enrollment counts are displayed in real-time! A full class (0) that has a future drop scheduled for the following week will accurately reflect that opening (1) when you advance the Weekly Calendar to that date. 

More Calendar Actions

  • Double click into any open time slot to add a class. The Add Class window will open with the start date and time for the slot that you clicked into pre-selected; these values can be edited. You can also use the Add Class button in the Criteria section to open the Add Class window with no pre-selection made.
  • Click a link for any of Future Drops, Future Enrolls, Absences, or Makeups to open a window with more detail including student names. 
  • Click Enroll Existing Students to enroll an existing student into the class or click Register New Students to open the Registration Form to add a new family and enroll a student in the class. If the class is full you will see CLASS FULL and a Waitlist button to click to add a student to the class waitlist. Once the waitlist is also full the button will drop off and you will only see CLASS FULL.
  • When the Show Students checkbox (in the criteria/settings section) is not checked private lessons (max size = 1) will display with the enrolled student's name. If Show Students is checked the calendar will display the class name and openings information (0) and the enrolled student's name will appear in the class information window that displays when you hover over the class.
  • Classes can display color-coded by Category 1 if you assign colors to your Category 1 drop-down values in the Drop-Down List Editor (Gear icon > Settings > General > Drop-down Lists). When darker colors are chosen the text display will change to white. This makes it easy to distinguish between the different types of classes you offer!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Why are older makeups still showing when I click on the link in the class detail on the Weekly Calendar?

A.  Absences and make-ups within 5 days of the day you view the Future Drops & Enrolls page are shown. For example, if you view the page on Friday, absences and make-ups from Monday will show. If you view it again on Saturday, the absences from Monday will no longer show.

The Weekly Calendar can be also be accessed from the Classes (menu) > All Classes. Click the Filtered Calendar (icon)and select Weekly from the drop-down list. The Weekly Calendar opens in a new window.