Deposit Slip Report

The Deposit Slip report displays revenue by Payment Method for a specific day or time period.

From the Transactions (menu) > Transaction Reports or the Reports (menu) > Find Reports > Transactions/Financials (left menu), the Deposit Slip report can found under the Recommended tab.

  • Reconcile your bank accounts using this report. 
  • Generate a deposit slip to include with your bank deposits for cash and check payments.
  • Run the report by Jackrabbit User to settle your cash drawer each shift.

Business Scenario

Your office at the dance studio, gym, pool, etc. accepts cash and check payments. Run the Deposit Slip report using the search criteria Payment Method to select Cash and Check. Review the Date From and Through to make sure it includes the date of the payment(s) received. Print the report and include it with your bank deposit for an easy bank transaction!

Search Criteria

Use the Search Criteria to narrow down results to the payments you want to work with. 

Leaving a field blank is the same as saying "all". To use the Deposit Slip for your bank deposit of cash and checks, select both Payment Methods by holding down the CTRL key (Command if using a Mac) while clicking each one.

Display Settings

Before submitting for results, you can define how you want the payments to be displayed using the Display Settings.

Sort by Date to make bank reconciliation easier!

Report Results