Email Bounce Report

This report, found under the Reports (menu) > Find Reports > Email/Text/Marketing > Email (tab) > Email Bounce Listing, is a tool to assist you in identifying email addresses that are repeatedly undeliverable. Use the list to identify which email addresses need to be corrected in order for future emails to be delivered.

If you do not see this report option under the Reports menu, check your user permissions. (Gear icon > Settings > Users & Permissions > select a User > User Permissions left menu > Reports Category: Email Bounce Report).

The report lists the Email Address, Current Status (see Status Definitions below), Type, First & Last Name, Family Name, telephone numbers, # of Failed Attempts, as well as Most Recent and First Bounce time stamps.

Use the Remove checkboxes to clear the email address from the report once your corrections have been made. You will be asked to confirm that the owner of the email address wishes to receive email communications from you.

We recommend you run this report frequently and remove any blocked email addresses. If you check the box in the Remove column, the email address will be removed from the report after you make corrections.

Status Definitions


Undeliverable; possible reasons could be an invalid domain or user, or that the user's mailbox is full or not accepting emails

DNS Problem

Unable to find the domain for the email address


Rejected by the email service because the address was previously undeliverable


The response text could not be identified

Invalid Recipient

The recipient is an invalid email address or the error could not be determined

Soft Bounce

The message soft bounced

DNS Failure

The message bounced due to a DNS failure

Mailbox Full 

The message bounced due to the remote mailbox being over quota

Too Large 

The message bounced because it was too large for the recipient


The message timed out

Admin Failure

The message was failed by SparkPost's configured policies

Generic Bounce: No RCPT

No recipient could be determined for the message

Generic Bounce

The message failed for unspecified reasons

Mail Block

The message was blocked by the receiver

Spam Block 

The message was blocked by the receiver as coming from a known spam source

Spam Content

The message was blocked by the receiver as spam

Prohibited Attachment

The message was blocked by the receiver because it contained a prohibited attachment

Relaying Denied 

The message was blocked by the receiver because relaying is not allowed


The message is an auto-reply/vacation email

Transient Failure 

Message transmission has been temporarily delayed


The message is a subscribe request


The message is an unsubscribe request


The message is a challenge-response probe