User ID Activity Tracking

Jackrabbit offers visibility into the activities of each User ID. 

  • Optimize collaboration with the ability to see which User ID has performed a task.
  • Provide an audit trail for transactions entered, deleted, or edited.

For each action a User takes in Jackrabbit, an 'event' is created and logged. These events are reported in the activity logs.

Examples of User actions and the corresponding event name:

ActionEvent Name
Edit a transactionJT_EditTrans
Delete a transactionJT_DeleteTransaction
Create a payment transactionJT_PmtTrans

View a Specific User's Activity

You can view a User's recent activity from within their User ID profile, found under the Gear (icon) > Settings > Users & Permissions > select a User > User Activity, you are able to quickly access a log of their recent activity.

This is only a recent activity view, not all activity is logged and activity is only kept for a limited time. Older user activity may be preserved in offline database backups. Send a support request if you need older activity.

View Activity for All Users

View the activity of all Users at once using Search User Activity from the Reports (menu) > Find Reports > enter Search User Activity in the Keyword Search field > Search User Activity. Use Search Criteria to search for a specific date range, User ID, Event, or Description. 

Business Scenario

You want to see a log of all edits made from November 1st to date. 

  • Select the date range of 11/1/2019 to 11/15/2019 and enter JT_EditTrans in the Event field.

The results will display information including which User made the edit, what time the edit was done, a description of the changes made, and links to information about the Family, Student, Class, and Transaction. 

Click on the links to see the details.

Tips for Searching Activity

  • Use a keyword to search with the Event criteria, for example, "edit" or "delete"
  • To find out what the event name associated with an action is, a little testing can get you the answer. While logged into Jackrabbit, perform the action you are looking to search on and then head over to Reports (menu) > Find Reports > enter Search User Activity in the Keyword Search field > Search User Activity and search for the current activity of your User ID. Make note of the event name given to the action you performed.