Practice - Emailing Families/Students

Want to practice what you've just learned?  Great!  

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The Practice Database is refreshed each day at approximately 5:00 am Eastern Standard Time.  Anything you enter will be erased at that time.

Create a customized template.

  1. The easiest way to copy and customize an email template is to go to the Gear Icon on the menu bar and select Tools > Email Templates.  
  2. Choose a template and click the Copy icon (second from left). 
  3. Make any changes and if you wish, rename the template. 
  4. Select the Copy Template button to save your new template.

Send an email.  

  1. Go to Families on the menu bar and select All Families.
  2. Select the Active segment in the Status data visual or use the Filter Icon and add a filter for Family Status = Active (click Apply button).
  3. Click the Send icon and choose Email.
  4. Define the audience and select additional settings as needed.  Click Next: Composer button to continue.
  5. Select an email template such as your newly created template or #109 Payment Due in the Template field.  Be sure to customize it with your facility name, logo, and other information as needed.
  6. Click the Preview List button at the bottom.
  7. Select Send Now after reviewing the Recipients List and the message in the Results section.