The View Unapplied Credits & Unpaid Fees Button (Family record)

An unapplied credit is a credit transaction that is not linked to a fee.

There are many reasons why you should ensure that unapplied credits are reviewed regularly:

  • Payments that have not been applied cannot be categorized in your revenue reports and will appear as "Unapplied Payments".
  • Fees that were paid but were not correctly linked to the payment will appear as unpaid. This can lead to errors when collecting from your customers. 
  • Unapplied credits can result in the wrong amount being processed during an ePayments batch.

There are several ways to locate and apply unapplied credits, this article covers how to locate unapplied credits from within a Family record.

From the Transactions tab of the Family record, you can review an individual family's account to locate any credits that have not been applied to fees. 

If there are any unapplied credits on the family's account, the View Unapplied Credits & Unpaid Fees button is highlighted (in green) to allow you to quickly identify all unapplied credits and apply them to unpaid fees. The unapplied credits are also highlighted (in green) in the family's transaction listing.

The Transactions tab of the family record displays the most recent 20 transactions; older transactions may not display in the grid. Use the View Transaction History button to view the family's entire history.

Let's step through how to apply the credit to the unpaid fees in the example shown above.

The family has a balance of $235 but the total of unpaid fees is $300 and the View Unapplied Credits & Unpaid Fees button is highlighted.

  1. Click View Unapplied Credits & Unpaid Fees.
    • The report shows that there is an unapplied credit from 9/15/2019  in the amount of $65 that is available to link to an unpaid fee.

  2.  Click the Pencil next to the unapplied credit.

  3. Click ReApply Payment.
    • Locate one of the unpaid fees and click in the Apply Amt field.
  4.  Click Save Payment.

The report now shows only the 3 unpaid fees totaling $235 which is the balance on the family's account.