The Staff Portal - An Overview

The Jackrabbit Staff Portal provides a secure place for your staff to do the following: view their class schedules, record their time worked, record student attendance or skills/levels, view Lesson Plans, create and view Resources.

  • Be Secure -The Staff Portal is isolated from your Jackrabbit database which allows your staff to manage their classes and time outside of Jackrabbit without needing access to sensitive data such as contact and financial information.
  • Be In Touch - The Staff Portal is a great way to communicate with your staff. Use the Staff and Department News to broadcast messages to the Staff Portal including all staff or to a specific department. A login message can be entered to an individual staff member's record and it will display on their News tab in My News.
  • Be Mobile - Jackrabbit's Staff Portal is 'responsive' which means it detects the size of the device that you are using and will adjust to fit the screen size. This makes usage and maneuvering through the Portal much easier when logged in on a smart device!

Setting the right Staff Portal permissions for your Users is very important!
Click this link to review the User Staff Portal Permissions.

See our Best Practice article to learn How your Organization Can Benefit from Using the Staff Portal.