Search Transactions Report

Search Transactions, located under the Transactions menu, is a powerful tool to help you locate fees, payments, credits, and refund transactions.

  • Choose from more than 20 filters (Search Criteria) to drill down to the transactions you are looking for.
  • Edit multiple transactions at once from the search results.
  • Email families or export to Excel directly from the search results.
  • Quickly locate ePayment transactions, including declined payments with Declined Reason Codes.
  • Search within columns in the results.

Business Scenario

During the month of June 2022, there were some changes made at your facility, and you want to add a note to all the transactions processed during the month as a reminder about the changes. 

Search Criteria

There are many filters available in Search Transactions. By default, the search will include all non-deleted transactions for the current date or date range selected. Along with the filters you can use to search transactions, Search Criteria options allow you to search specifically for transactions for a specific family, student, or class.

For this scenario, to see all the transactions in June, set the Transaction Date from 6/1/2022 through 6/30/2022. Leave all the other Search Criteria selections blank. Click Submit. The grid will display all the transactions recorded for the month of June.

Search Results

The search results grid displays all the transactions for June 2022. In this grid, there are 181 transactions. Since you want to update the notes on all of the transactions, leave the first column of checkboxes unselected and click the Edit Transactions icon(pencil in the upper right) to open the Edit Transactions page and update the notes as needed.

Note: If you just want to edit a single transaction, use the row menu icon> Edit to open the Edit Transaction window.

When you click one of the iconsin the ePayment (EPMT) column, a movable window opens with the ePayment transaction information. Place your cursor near the top of the window and click to move the window around the page.

The report results can be further customized to show or hide columns of information, sort and filter columns, or modify column width. You can send an email or print directly from the report results.

Save time and effort each time you open a grid page to view your data! After you have edited column settings and set the grid column widths, you can save the filtered data as a Favorite. A saved Favorite can be set as a default view and shared with other Jackrabbit Users in your organization.

Use the action icons in the upper right to work with the information in the grid.

  • Adjust Columns - click Adjust columns > Squeeze gridto view the entire grid on the page.
  • Send Message - leave the 1st column unchecked and click on the Send Message iconto send an email to all the contacts/families in the report. You can also use the 1st column to select a single family or group of families to send a message to. If you have texting enabled, you'll have the option to send a text; if you have Jackrabbit Plus, you'll be able to send push notifications. 
  • Refresh the data - click the Refresh Grid (icon)to update results in the grid if you make updates.
  • Print or Export to Excel - click the More (icon)to print or export the data to Excel.

Note: Depending on the width of the report, reduce the size/scale of the report so all the columns print.

For additional information on working with this type of report, refer to Work with Reports - Grid Style.