An organization can track absences or attendance, but not both at the same time.  Jackrabbit defaults to tracking absences rather than attendance (except the Dojo edition).  The preferred method is through the Staff Portal.  Please refer to the Coaches/Instructors and other Staff category for more information.  You may also record absences/attendance on the Class Record, Family Record, and Student Record.  

Here is an outline of the articles included in this lesson:

  • Absences - Review the articles below regarding absences and makeups if your organization allows students to be eligible for a makeup class when absent.
    • Enter Student Absences from the Class Record
    • Enter Student Absences from the Student Record
    • Enter Student Absences from the Family Record
    • Schedule a Makeup
  • Attendance
    • Enter Attendance from the Class Record
    • Optional 
      • Barcode Scanner Attendance Tracking - An Overview
      • Launch the Barcode Scanner
      • Use a Barcode Scanner to Track Attendance

Review the appropriate articles below for your organization.