The Parent Portal - An Overview

The Jackrabbit Parent Portal is a wonderful tool that allows your existing customers to manage their account with you online, at any time of day! You control what features are available inside your Portal.

Add a link to your Parent Portal on your website, share it on Facebook, or send the link out to your families in an email for them to bookmark.

Depending on the settings you select, existing customers can:

  • Enroll students into classes and events
  • View the fees and payments posted to their account
  • Make online account payments
  • Update their contact information
  • Access class resources such as videos and PDFs
  • See news updates that you post
  • See and read past sent emails, registrations, and texts (if your organization uses texting).
  • Parents can upload their student's photo

Contacts with a valid email address in your main database may access the Parent Portal unless you specifically block them. Families located in your Lead File do not have access to the Parent Portal.

To look around inside a "demo" sample portal that we have set up, go to this Parent Portal DEMO login page.  

Use Login ID:   parent1
Use Password:  12345678

Remember, the information shown inside your own organization's Portal is controlled by YOU using the settings in your database and may be different than what our Demo portal highlights.   

To start using this great feature see Get Started with the Parent Portal.