Practice - Enter an Absence / Attendance

Want to practice what you've just learned?  Great! Go to  and log in with the credentials below for your Jackrabbit edition.

Practice databases are set to track absences.

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The Practice Database is refreshed each day at approximately 5:00 am Eastern Standard Time.  Anything you enter will be erased at that time.

Enter an absence / attendance.  

From the Class Record

  1. Navigate to the Class record and select the Enter Absences / Enter Attendance button.    
  2. Verify the Absence (Attendance) Date is correct (click the calendar icon to select a different date).     
  3. Select the Absent? (Attended?) check box for the appropriate student(s) in the enrollment list.    
  4. If tracking Absences - Select Eligible for Makeup if applicable.
  5. Add Notes, if needed.    
  6. Save Changes.