Post Late Fees (or Misc Fees)

Post Late Fees/Misc Fees allows you to post a fee to multiple families based on a selection of family criteria (location, status, current balance, etc.) and/or their students' current enrollment. 

This function was designed for late fees but can be used to post any fee using the Transaction Details to Post options. 

  1. Go to the Transactions menu > Post Transactions > Late Fees/Misc Fees.
  2. Make selections in the  Search Criteria section to narrow down the families to which you want to post transaction fees. Note: The choices you make here are applied at the family level, e.g., Who do you want to bill? > I want to bill families with students enrolled in ballet classes. If you are posting a late fee, isolate which transactions you want to post late fees for using the With Unpaid Transactions section. Select a Transaction Date From / Through, a Transaction Type, and a Transaction Sub-Type. For example, if you only post late fees when tuition is late, you'd select, Transaction Type: Tuition Fee (Debit).

  3. Use Transaction Details to Post in the lower section to tell Jackrabbit how to post the fee transaction (date, type/sub-type, amount, taxable, note, category, and session) and whether you want the fee to post per Family/Account, per Active Student, Per Student That Meets Criteria, or per Student/Per Class.
    • If you post the fee per Active Student and a family that meets the search criteria has two active students, Jackrabbit will post the fee twice - once for each active student in the family, even if the student doesn't meet the criteria selections. 
    • If you post the fee per Family/Account, Jackrabbit will post the fee once to each family that meets the criteria. 
    • When you opt to post only to Students That Meet CriteriaJackrabbit will only post a fee for those students who fit the criteria selected in the Who do you want to bill? section regardless of how many other active students are in the family. 
    • Posting the fee per Student Per Class will post the fee to students for every class they are currently enrolled in that meets the criteria.

  4. Select Use duplicate fee detection if you want Jackrabbit to search for late/misc. fees already posted. The duplicate fees will appear in Preview Fees highlighted in yellow. You decide if you want to post the duplicate fees. 
  5. Click Preview Fees. This is a preview only. No fees will be posted until you click Post Fees.

Preview Results and Post Fees

  1. Review the results to confirm the fees are accurate. 
  2. Clear the checkboxes in the last column for items you do not want to post a fee for.
  3. Click Post Fees. In the pop-up box that says, This will create transactions for all selected families. Continue?, click OK. Jackrabbit displays a list of the fees posted to accounts.

If late/misc fees are posted in error, use Transactions > Delete Transaction > Transaction Fees to delete them. See Delete Transactions for more information on deleting a fee.