Staff Portal Setup Step 1 - Staff Portal Settings

Step 1 in the Staff Portal setup is to customize the Staff Portal Settings. These settings, when enabled, are global and will affect all staff members.

Remember to click the Save button to save the settings. Once you have completed this step, the next step is to Match Staff to User ID (step 2).

Staff Session Timeout Limit

Set the length of time the Staff Portal will automatically log out with no activity. The Timeout Limit can be adjusted from 5 minutes up to 8 hours.


Select the Features the staff can use in the Staff Portal. These include Attendance, Skills/Levels, Time Clock, and Lesson Plans.

To allow staff to update information for a feature in the Portal when it has been launched remotely, set Allow Remote (feature name) to Yes (the default is No). 

For example, to allow a staff person to not only view and print their schedules but also enter their time when they are accessing the Portal remotely, set Allow Remote Time Clock to Yes.

The Launch the Staff Portal topic covers remote access in more detail.

Family & Student Display Options

Select which information should be listed in the Staff Portal about the student. 

Visit General Staff Portal Settings to learn more about where the family and student information appears in the Staff Portal.

Attendance Options

Define whether or not staff can save partial attendance.

Visit Settings for Staff Portal Attendance to review all settings related to taking attendance in the Staff Portal.


Define which Skills you want to display in the Staff Portal and how you want to manage emails for student Skill/Level progress.

Visit Settings for Staff Portal Skills/Levels to review all settings related to working with Skills/Levels in the Staff Portal.

If you use the Time Clock to keep track of staff hours, the setup for Time Clock Departments, Time Clock Pay Periods, and Time Entry Settings are located at the bottom of the Staff Portal Settings page.