Automate Tuition Posting - Schedule Fees to Post Later

What is automation? Automation, simply put, is the use of technology to perform tasks for the purpose of efficiency and reliability. Because automated tasks are performed without human intervention, they save time, eliminate the possibility of human error, and ensure accuracy and consistency.

With Jackrabbit, you can automate your tuition fee posting by scheduling the fees to post at a later date. A fee posting task can be scheduled as a one-off or as a recurring task.

Create a Task - Schedule a Tuition Fee Posting

The automation of tuition fee posting starts with the Post Tuition Fees feature.

1Go to Transactions (menu) > Post Tuition Fees.
2Choose Post Later in the Post Tuition Fees - Post Setting. Select the remaining criteria and settings that capture the fees you want to schedule to post at a later date. Learn more about the Post Tuition Fees criteria and settings.
3Click Preview Fees to open the Preview Tuition Fees page.
4Review the fees that are set to post. Return to the Post Tuition Fees page to make any necessary changes.
5Click Post Later to open the Schedule Tuition Fee Task modal.
6Complete the details for the task, then click Next.

Give the task a descriptive name. This name appears in the Task column of the Task Management page. 
Schedule Starts
This date will default to the date and time chosen in the criteria settings. You can change the date here if you have a preferred start date and time.
From the Repeats drop-down, select from:
  • Monthly/Weekly on the datetime
    (the date and time are based on the schedule start date above)
  • Monthly/Weekly on the 1st day of week @ time
    (the day of week and time are based on the schedule start date above)
    Example - the start date falls on a Thursday. This option will post on the 1st Thursday of each month.
  • Custom
    Use this option to change how often the posting repeats. Instead of monthly or weekly, you can choose to post at a different interval, such as every 2 weeks or every 3 months.
Ends On
Define when the task should end. The task end date is inclusive, i.e., any tasks scheduled to run on the end date will run.
  • Never - the task will run indefinitely
  • On a specific date - select a date with the Calendar icon.
  • After a specified number of occurrences 
7Choose whether or not you want to send an email reminder to your organization's email address. If you want to send a reminder, specify the number of days in advance it should be sent. Click Save.
8A confirmation window advises that your task has been created and displays the details. Click Close.

When you close the confirmation window, you are taken to the Task Management page where you can view, edit, pause, or delete a scheduled task. Learn more about Automation Task Management.

Check your Time & Date Settings, including the Daylight Saving dates, to ensure tuition fees are scheduled correctly. Go to the Gear icon > Settings > General > Organization Defaults.