Deposit Slip Report

The Deposit Slip is like your go-to cheat sheet for tracking all incoming payments, neatly sorted by how people pay.

Get to this report from the Reports menu > Find Reports > Transactions/Financials (left menu) > Recommended tab.

  • Reconcile your bank accounts using this report with easy cross-referencing for ePayments.
  • Generate a deposit slip to include with your bank deposits for cash and check payments.
  • Run the report by Jackrabbit User to settle your cash drawer each shift.

Select Search Criteria

Use the Search Criteria to define the report results. 

  • Leaving a field blank is the same as saying "all". For example,  leaving the Payment Method criteria blank will show payments made by all payment methods.
  • Some fields allow you to select multiple drop-down options. Use ctrl (cmd for Mac) to select multiple values.

If you are just getting started with this report, try running it as is, with the default Search Criteria and Display Settings, to see what's included in the results. Then, refine your selections to customize as needed.

Choose Display Settings

You can further customize your Deposit Slip report using the Display Settings.

  • Add an optional subheading to add a description to the report title.
  • When working with a range of dates, simplify bank reconciliation by sorting by date rather than by family.
  • It is recommended that you set Show each Transaction to Yes so that each individual transaction displays. When each transaction is shown, all ePayments will also include their PSP Reference/Transaction ID. This number helps you reconcile your bank statements by directly linking the transactions recorded in your Virtual Terminal (gateway access) and those appearing in your bank account.
    When set to No, transactions in the same family are grouped into one line item, condensing the report but making reconciling your bank difficult.
  • The report's default format is PDF; however, you can select a different format. Choose from Excel, HTML, Word, Text, or Tiff.

Work with Report Results

As an example, this Deposit Slip report was generated based on the Search Criteria and Display Settings selected in the screenshots in this article.

It shows, for all Locations, the Payment (Credit) transactions for all payment methods recorded by User ID hbarnhardt between February 15th and February 29th.