Enroll Tracy Yarbourough or another student in a class.

To enroll Tracy Yarbourough (a student) in a class, you can either:

Class Record

  1. Open a class by going to Classes on the menu bar and selecting List Active Classes. 
  2. Select a class.
  3. Select the Enroll Student button (only visible when there are openings in the class). 
  4. Search for the student and then click the Enroll link (Enroll is underlined) in the row for the student.

Student Record

  1. Search for the student page for Tracy Yarbourough by either entering her last name (or the first few characters) in the "find a family..." Global Search field or by going to Students > List Active Students.
  2. Locate and select Tracy Yarbourough link in the Student column. 
  3. On the Student page for Tracy Yarbourough, select the Enroll button.
  4. Select the Enroll link for a class.
  5. Change the Enroll Date if needed and click the Enroll Now button.

Weekly Calendar

  1. Click on the Weekly Calendar button from the Executive Dashboard or select Weekly / Daily Calendar from the Classes menu.
  2. Use the Search Criteria to narrow down results as needed.
  3. Select the calendar view of your choice - Weekly Calendar, Day View, or Room View.
  4. Hover your cursor over any class to see class details and select to Enroll Existing Students or Register New Students.