Lesson #7 - Work with Classes

Review (Optional)

The Class Record

Class Fields Explained

Add Classes - Overview

Add a Class from the Classes Menu

Add a Class from the Weekly Calendar

Assign Policy Groups to Classes

Work with All Classes - View Search, and Take Action

Edit Multiple Classes at Once

Copy a Single Class

Copy Multiple Classes at Once

Delete a Class

Class Sessions

Transition to a New Session of Classes

Archive Classes - An Overview

Restore an Archived Class

Practice - Add a Class

QUIZ - Lesson #7 - Work with Classes

Optional Topics - Lesson #7

Add Skills/Levels to Classes

Delete Skills/Levels

Per-Day / Multiple Meeting Classes

Private Lessons

Import Data to Create Private Lessons

Class Sign In / Out Sheets

Class Lesson Plans

View Lesson Plans in the Staff Portal

QUIZ - Optional - Lesson #7 - Work with Classes