Time Clock Time Entry Settings

When you are setting up the Time Clock for your organization, there are 3 Time Entry Settings available in the Staff > Staff Portal > Portal Settings. They are: Time Buffer, Hour Types, and Default Time Entry Method.

Time Buffer

In the time approval process, the person approving employee time is alerted when a staff person's actual hours worked are greater than their scheduled hours. 

Scheduled hours are calculated from the class start and end times located within each class the staff person is assigned to. The Time Buffer setting allows you to add time to the staff’s scheduled time. If staff are paid for time before and/or after class, for example for set up or clean up, enter this additional time as a time buffer. This will provide a more accurate comparison between actual and scheduled hours. After adding a time buffer, be sure to click Save Changes.

There are 3 Time Buffer options:

  • Per Class - the amount of minutes entered will be added to each scheduled class duration. Example: If your organization adds 5 minutes before and after class, enter 10 minutes as the buffer. If staff is only allowed 5 minutes between classes, enter 5 as the buffer.   
  • Per Day - The amount of minutes entered will be added to each day's scheduled time. Example: If your organization adds 15 minutes to each day worked, add 15 as the buffer.
  • Per Time Entry - The amount of minutes entered will be added to each time entry. Example: If your organization adds on 15 minutes before staff start work and 15 minutes at the end of their shift, add 30 as the buffer.

Hour Types

The purpose of Hour Types is to mark each time entry with a description of what the hour represents. Place a check mark next to the hour types your organization will use. Save Changes. Only the checked hour types will be available for staff to select*.

  • Regular - normal staff hours (this is reserved and can't be unchecked)
  • Overtime - hours which are at a higher rate of pay due to hours being over state limits (remember that overtime pay will not be calculated. Only hours can be specified as overtime hours.)
  • Holiday, Sick, Vacation, PTO -  hours not actually worked but staff are paid for these hours

*The Hour Type Overtime is not available for selection by the staff when entering their time in the clock. A User with the Time Clock permission can assign overtime from the staff person's Time Card tab.

It's important for staff to record time entries for the hours which weren't worked but for which they are paid. For example, if an employee gets vacation time, they will need to enter these hours into the time clock. This is the only way these hours will be included in the pay period. Otherwise, the staff will not have this time in the approved hour totals and will not be compensated for them.

If you are using Express Payroll, make sure that your Jackrabbit Hour Types match your Express Payroll Pay Types.  

Default Time Entry Method

Jackrabbit offers three different methods for your staff to enter their time in the Staff Portal. Click on the links for more information on each method.

If most or all of your employees have the same time entry method, you can set a Default Time Entry Method

All newly created staff will automatically have this method saved to their Portal Settings tab. Defaulted Time Entry Methods can always be changed by going to the staff member's Portal Settings tab, changing the Time Entry Method, and saving the change.

 To change staff time entry methods in mass, use Edit All Staff Settings from the Staff Portal menu.