Active Staff

Active Staff, located under the Staff menu, is a quick way to see a list of your organization's active staff, their classes, weekly schedule, and monthly calendar. The data for this report is pulled from individual Staff records. 

Go to the Staff (menu) > Active Staff and your active staff will populate into the grid.

  • Click the staff member's name to open their Staff record.
  • Click the number link in the Classes column to open the Staff record > Classes (tab).
  • Schedule and Calendar links open the staff member's weekly schedule and monthly calendar.
  • Select and adjust the columns you would like to display in the grid.

The Active Staff grid offers column searching, just enter a staff member's name in the search field of the Name column, the grid will search for that name, and the information will populate in the grid. Refer to Work with Reports - Grid Style for more details on sorting and how to use a grid.

Take Action in the Grid

This grid has the following built-in functionality:

Use the Column Menu to sort columns in ascending/descending order, select the columns to view in the grid, filter data, and lock the column position (Set Column Position).

Click Adjust Columns > Squeeze grid to see all the columns in the grid on a single page.

Use the Refresh Grid icon to reload the data in the grid after making changes.

Use the More icon to select either Print or Export to Excel. Check out this short video tutorial Print from Grids in Jackrabbit for some helpful printing tips.

Save time and effort each time you open a grid page to view your data! After you have edited column settings and set the column widths, you can save the grid as a Favorite.