Practice - Add a Family

Want to practice what you've just learned?  Great!  

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The Practice Database is refreshed each day at approximately 5:00 am Eastern Standard Time.  Anything you enter will be erased at that time.

Determine the family/student information your organization requires for each family.

Use fake names, addresses, etc. as any information you add could be viewed by others outside of your organization.

  • Make up your own fake names or click here to open a website that generates fake names.
  • Make up your own fake addresses or click here to open a website that generates fake addresses.

Add a family with a fake name and address.  

  1. Go to Families > All Families.  Click the Add Icon and then Use Quick Registration Form button.  
  2. Enter the information for the Family and Student(s). Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory fields.
  3. You can submit the form without selecting class(es) for student(s) or you can choose to select classes and enroll the student now.