Tuition Not Posted Report

Watch a (1:48) video tutorial on the Tuition Not Posted report

The Tuition Not Posted report provides you with a list of students who are enrolled in classes, but no tuition fees have been posted to their account. 

You can find this report in the Reports menu. Go to Reports > Transactions/Financials > Recommended (tab) > Tuition Not Posted Report.

  • Confirm all students enrolled in classes have tuition fees posted to their family account.
  • Manage your tuition revenue stream.

Run this report if you have tuition posting turned off in the Parent Portal and Web Registration.

Business Scenario

You are reviewing student enrollments for the month of October and you need to confirm all students have a tuition fee posted for every class. This is important because you don't want to lose any revenue!

To create this report use these two search filters:

  • Enrollment (as of) from 10/1/2019 through 10/31/12019
  • Tuition Fee posted on or after, select date from calendar 10/1/2019

The report results will display all students that did not have fees posted to their family account.

Search Criteria

Filter the report using the Search Criteria and Jackrabbit will compile a list of students who meet ALL of the criteria chosen.

Report Results

The report results can be customized to show or hide columns of information, sort and filter columns, or modify column width. 

  • Resolve Single Student Listed - Click on the Family name in the report to access the Family record. In the Family record, click on Make Sale/Post Fees to post tuition fees to the account.
  • Resolve Multiple Students Listed - If the report shows multiple students that appear to have been omitted from tuition posting for the same reason, follow these steps to resolve:

    1. Identify the issue that prevented the students from having tuition posted and rectify.

      Example: Several students from the same class appear on the Tuition Not Posted report. When posting fees, a session value was selected but that session value did not exist in the Class record > Summary tab so those students were not pulled into the batch. Add the session value to the Class record.
    2. Go to Transactions > Post Tuition Fees and use the Search Criteria to post to those students all at once.

      Example: If students had been omitted from tuition posting due to an error on the Class record, select that specific class to post fees for.
    3. Click Preview Tuition Fees.
    4. Select the checkbox in the last column (Post) for each student you want to post tuition fees and click Post Fees.
    5. Rerun the Tuition Not Posted report to confirm all the students on the report are removed.

Refer to Work with Grids in Jackrabbit for more details on how easy and flexible these grids are to work with. You can filter, sort, hide, lock, and adjust your report results.