Manage Classes in the Staff Portal - The Main Page

When staff logs in to their Staff Portals, they are taken to the News tab. In addition, staff can go to the Manage Classes tab to do the following:

On the main page of the Manage Classes tab, there are several Class Filters available to allow staff to drill down to specific classes, including Date, Time, Cat1, Session, Room, Attendance Status (Completed or Not Completed), and Instructor.

Use the blue Show Empty Classes toggle to remove classes with no enrollment from the class list.

The status of the attendance for a class is indicated by a checkmark:

  • When no students in the class have been marked either present or absent, there will be no checkmark next to the class.
  • When all students have been marked present or absent, a green checkmark indicates that attendance is complete.
  • If you allow partial attendance, where staff can mark some students present/absent and save the changes to complete at a later time, a yellow checkmark will indicate that attendance for the class has been partially taken. See Settings for Staff Portal Attendance to learn more.

Additional class information is available by clicking the arrow (>) next to the class name. To collapse/hide that information, click the arrow (v) again.

The classes that are available to your staff when they are logged into the Staff Portal are determined by the settings in the Manage Classes Tab section of the Portal Settings tab in their individual Staff record. For an explanation of these settings, refer to Settings for Staff Portal Attendance.

Action Buttons


The Email button opens a window where an email can be composed. All enrolled students appear with a checkbox allowing staff to select which students to include in the email. The message is sent to all contacts in the student's family record in your database. A copy of the email is retained in the Family record, on the Misc tab, for 365 days.


When ready to take attendance, staff will select the Attendance button.


Staff will select the Skills/Levels button to update skills if the class has skills assigned to it.


If a resource has been added to the Class record and assigned to display in the Staff Portal, select the Resources button to open the resource. In addition, when a staff member is given access to manage resources in the Staff Portal, they can add, edit, and delete resources for a class.

Virtual Classes

If a virtual class link was added to a Class record, it will display in this section. Click the Virtual Class button to open the video.