Absences/Makeups Report

When Jackrabbit is set to track absences, you will find the Absences-Makeups report under the Students (menu) > Student Reports. Regardless of the way you record absences in Jackrabbit, this report provides you with the following:

  • See who is eligible for a makeup class.
  • Review students who have makeup classes scheduled and the dates of those classes.
  • View the Makeup class expiration date.
  • Review the student's attendance for scheduled makeup classes.

Business Scenario

You would like to know if any students were absent from class on a specific date and if they are eligible to sign up for a makeup class. 

Search Criteria

Select a specific date or date range to see what students were absent. For this example, we have selected 6/17/2022. Set Eligible for Makeup to Yes and click Submit.

Report Results

The report indicates that one student, Spencer Cain, was absent from class on 6/17/2022. 

  • This student is eligible for a makeup class for the class he missed. 
  • The note created in the Staff Portal shows in the Note column.
  • Makeup Exp. Date is listed in the report (if applicable).
  • If a student was absent or present for a makeup class it is displayed in the Makeup Attendance column. 
  • An email can be sent directly from this report.

The Class Record

The Absences tab on the Class record shows one student was absent from the class. In this example, the student was absent twice from this class with the last absence on 6/17/2022.

The Staff Portal

When attendance was taken in the Staff Portal on 6/17/2022 there were four students present and one student absent and makeups are allowed. The student's absence is reflected in the Absences - Makeups report above.

Staff members can Schedule Future Absences in the Staff Portal. Click on Absent and select the Schedule Future Absences option and complete the steps. Refer to Take Attendance in the Staff Portal for more information.