Refund/Void ePayments - An Overview

Permissions control the ability for your Users to see certain data and take specific actions. Before moving forward review User Permissions Required to Refund or Void an ePayment.

You are able to process credit card voids and refunds from within Jackrabbit! 

When you are set up for ePayments in Jackrabbit, click the R on the payment line of a credit card payment to:

  • Send the refund/void transaction to the gateway for settlement to the credit card. 
  • Record the void/refund in the family's account with the transaction ID from the merchant processor added to a link in the ePmt column.

Bank draft/ACH payments cannot be voided or refunded from within Jackrabbit. Contact your ePayment provider, or log into your virtual terminal, to void the payment or issue a refund. Use the R to record that transaction on the family's account.

Learn more about Credit Card Voids/Refunds

Learn more about Bank Draft/ACH Voids/Refunds

UK Voids & Refunds

At this time, customers in the United Kingdom cannot process a refund directly through Jackrabbit. You will see an alert after clicking the R on an ePayment. Use your virtual terminal to process the void/refund and then click the R to record the refund transaction in Jackrabbit.