Staff Portal Log

The Staff Portal Log is a great way to see Staff Portal activity including logins and password resets. 

From the Reports menu > Staff Portal, the Staff Portal Log can be found under the All tab. 

Business Scenario

A new staff member is trying to log in to the Staff Portal for the first time. They are unable to login successfully. Run the Staff Portal Log and use the Filter Option of Login Failures. This will help you determine if the new staff member is logging in to the correct place with the correct Login ID. 

Search Criteria

Use the Search Criteria to narrow the report results:

  • If you have multiple locations in your database, you have the option to look at Staff Portal activity based location using the Location drop-down. 
  • Use the Filter Option to see Login Failures only, for example.
  • Choose the time frame you want to review using the Search Activity Log drop-down.

Leaving a criteria selection blank is the same as saying 'all'.

The Report Results

  • The Show/hide Columns button allows you to customize your report by selecting which information to display. 
    • Select Apply to have these selections applied to only the report you are currently viewing. 
    • Select Apply & Save to have these selections applied and saved to your User ID. When logged in as your User ID, you will see only the columns of information you chose previously. Other Users will see the columns they selected and saved, which may differ from yours.
  • Use Restore Columns to view all available columns.