QUIZ - Lesson #2 - Staff Portal - Enter Your Time

When you have worked through all of the articles outlined in the lesson, select the Take the Quiz button to be taken to the Lesson #2 Quiz for your time entry method (select only one quiz) where you can test your understanding of the concepts in this lesson.  You will be asked to enter an email address for quiz results to be sent. The quiz includes Review questions.

Quiz #2 - Staff Portal-Enter Time

Each staff person enters their time using only one method.  Please check with your supervisor and select the quiz for your time entry method below.

Clock In/Out Method

Manual In/Out Method

Total Hours Method

QuizNumber of QuestionsTotal Possible PointsPoints Needed for an "A"Points Needed for a "B"Points Needed
for a  "C"
Clock In/Out66544
Manual In/Out77654
Total Hours77654

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