The Student Record

The Student record lives within the Family record and offers a centralized location to house and reference all information related to a specific student. Each student record has its own tabs, buttons, links, and user-defined fields.

You can access a Student record from the following locations in Jackrabbit:

  • Students (menu> All Students and select a student's name to open the record.
  • Students (menu) > All Students > row menu> View/Edit to open the record.
  • Families (menu) > All Families > click the student's family name > click the student's name listed in the Family record under the Students section to open the record.

Refer to Work with All Students - View, Search, and Take Action for more information on the All Students grid.

Expand the sections below to see the Student record tab and button descriptions.

Student Tab Descriptions


The Summary tab offers a summary of details for the student's classes and student information. This is the place to enter student details and add fixed fees (if applicable).


The Classes tab provides details for the student's current enrollments, future enrollments, waitlists, and past enrollments. Links provide quick access to the Class records. You can transfer or drop a student from classes on this tab as well as remove the student from any waitlists they are on.


The Events tab stores all current and past event enrollment details for the student.


The Medical tab shows details of immunizations, disabilities, special needs, allergies, and more. The tab turns red when Medications, Allergies, or Disabilities information is added.


Instructor feedback notes regarding the student's performance can be entered on this tab. Be sure to Save Changes after adding feedback. Use the More link to display the entire Student Feedback field.


The Skills/Levels tab displays the skills assigned to the student, along with their progress. Use the Add Skill/Level button to add a skill/level. See Student Skills/Levels topic for more details.


The tab displays sizing information for apparel, costumes, and equipment for students. Size Notes can be added at any time. Be sure to click Save Changes after the information has been added. See Costume/Apparel Management for more information.


If you track absences you can schedule and view makeups in this tab. In addition, if a makeup class is scheduled, the Makeup Class and Makeup Date are shown.


Add miscellaneous information related to the student here, including a picture of the student. The student's picture is visible in the Staff Portal and the Parent Portal. Additional user-defined fields (Gear icon > Settings > General > User-Defined Fields) can be added at the bottom of this tab.


Add, edit, or delete notes for a student in this tab. Search notes, filter the notes by tags, and sort the notes by the date created or by the date modified. Learn more about Notes in Jackrabbit.


Upload files and add hyperlinks (URLs) to the student's record. Store up to 15MB of data. Learn more about Resources in Jackrabbit.

Student Button Descriptions


Click the Enroll button to open a new tab to enroll the student in a class.

Email Schedules

Click the Email Schedules button to open the Email Student Schedules page. See Email Students for more information.

Info Sheet

Use the Info Sheet button to display a detailed page of information on the student. See Student Info Sheets for more information.


Use this button to select criteria and generate a Student Attendance Report for the student.

Submit Absences

Click this button to step through the Submit an absence workflow for the student.

Mass Drop Classes

Use the Mass Drop Classes button to drop the student from all enrolled classes. The class's current enrollment can be viewed on the Classes tab in the Student record.


Click the Statement button to select a statement type (PDF or email) and send statements to one or more students in a family.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  What determines the Start Date, Date Created, and Enroll Date on a Student's Record?

A.  Different dates found on a Student record include the following:

Start Date

Located on the Summary tab in a Student record, the Start Date defaults to the date the Student record was created and first enrolled in Jackrabbit by any of the following:

  • Online Registration Form
  • Parent Portal
  • Quick Registration Form from the Families (menu) > Quick Registration or Families (menu) > All Families > Add New Family (icon)> Use Quick Registration Form (button)

This date can be changed and/or updated.

Date Created

The date the family's record was created in Jackrabbit. This date is located in the bottom left-hand corner of the Student record. The Organization ID is below the Date Created.

The date is auto-generated and cannot be changed.

Enroll Date

The date a student is enrolled in a class. This could be a future enrolled date too. This date is found on the Classes tab in the Student record.

This date is auto-generated and cannot be changed.

Q.  What is the Student Date Quit field on the Student Summary tab?

A.  You can manually enter a date the student quit if you choose.

A picture of the student can be added in the Misc tab.