Report Output Formats

Many Jackrabbit reports can be viewed/saved in different output formats. If the report criteria/display page has a Report Format field, you can choose from several formats.


Portable Document Format is the standard for the exchange of documents across different formats. When a document is saved as a PDF file, it is converted to PDF, it looks the same way it would if you printed it. A PDF viewer, such as Adobe Reader, is required to view a PDF file.


Excel files are spreadsheet files and are generally used with Microsoft Excel.


Hypertext Mark-up Language is the standard language used to create web pages.


Rich Text Format is a document file format used by Microsoft products, such as Word and Office.


Text Files generally are pure text with very little formatting. Files saved as .txt files can generally be read by any program that is capable of reading text.


Tagged Image Format Files is most often used with graphic, image, and desktop publishing programs but can be used on any operating system.