Copy Multiple Classes at Once

Copy Class Session (from the Classes menu > Copy Classes) will assist you in setting up a new session by copying multiple classes from one session into another. Copy Class Session is the second step in transitioning between sessions. Use it after you have created a drop-down value for the new session.

If any classes you want to copy have been archived, you must restore them before they are included in the Copy Class Session function. In addition, all Policy Groups are removed when classes are archived, so be sure to add Policy Groups after the new classes have been created.

Search Criteria (Which Classes Do You Want to Copy?)

In the Search Criteria section, select the classes you want to copy into your new session. 

  • Select a Session (required) to copy classes from.
  • You can leave the optional fields blank to copy all active classes from the selected session or use further filters to copy only some classes from the selected session.
  • Use the Category drop-down menus to copy classes from only a specific Class Category 1, Category 2, or Category 3. 
  • You can also choose to filter for classes with a specific Status or to copy only specific, individual Classes by selecting them from the list.

New Class Settings

In the New Class Settings section, you will define the settings for the new classes you are creating.

  • Select a New Session (required) to determine what session the classes will be copied into. 
  • The New Class Start Date (required), New Class End Date, and New Class Registration Start Date fields are automatically populated with the dates associated with the sessionHowever, they can be edited if you choose.
  • New Class End Date can be blank if there is no end date for the classes you are copying.
  • Indicate whether you want to copy the original classes' Instructors, Skills, Costumes, Resources, and Virtual Class/Video into the new classes.
  • Select if you want to Copy Policy Groups (required). If the Classes you are copying have been archived and then restored, the Policy Groups previously assigned are not retained and copied during this workflow, even if you select Yes in the Copy Policy Groups drop-down. After Classes are copied, review and add Policy Groups, if needed, to your new Classes.

Option: Copy Enrollment?

In the Option: Copy Enrollment? section, indicate whether or not you want to Copy Student Enrollment.

  • If opting to copy enrollment, select an Enroll Type for the new class enrollment.
  • Indicate whether you want to Copy Future Enrollments or Copy Wait Lists from the old classes into the new classes.
  • Select an Enroll Date for new class enrollment (will default to the current date).
  • When a future date is used, you will see a warning that you cannot post tuition fees until that date because the students are not enrolled in the new classes until then.
Makeups and Future Drops scheduled in the old classes are not copied forward with enrollment.