Enrollment Detail Report

The Enrollment Detail Report is extremely powerful and allows you to create multiple reports based on current and historical class enrollment. You can find this report under the Students (menu) > Student Reports > Enrollment Detail.

  • Easily spot enrollment trends, this will help you determine if you should schedule more popular classes to increase revenue.
  • Recognize seasonal trends by checking enrollment by sessions, for example, summer session.
  • Students archived to the Lead File (after 11/11/2015) will be included in this report.
  • Customize your report using the Show/Hide Columns button. Select from over 30 columns of available data.

Business Scenario

You are looking to generate more business and you'd like to identify the students that completed classes last year and didn't enroll for classes in the new year.

To create this report, select the following Search Criteria:

  • Active Classes Only = No
  • Enrollment Status = Past Enrollment - Completed Class
  • Enrolled Date From = 1/01/2022 Through 12/31/2022

Search Criteria

You can filter your list of students by using any or all of the available Search Criteria and Jackrabbit will compile a report of students who meet ALL of the criteria chosen.

  • By default, this report searches active classes only.  Set Active Classes Only = No to include archived classes. See Archive Classes for an explanation of archived classes. 
  • Set the following:
    • Student Status = Inactive
    • Enrollment Status = Past Enrollment - Completed Class
  • Select Enrolled in Session/Not Enrolled In Session along with other Search Criteria to determine which students did not return (for retention reporting).

Display Settings

  • To display a Student Summary (each student counts once) set Show Enrollment Details or Student Summary? = Student Summary.
  • To display an Enrollment Summary (a student in multiple classes counts for each class), set Show Enrollment Details or Student Summary? Enrollment Details.

Report Results

The report lists the students that met the criteria selected. You can email directly from the report results! Use the Email button to create an email, and select the Email All checkbox to include all the families. A record of this email is kept in the Family record on the Misc tab > View Sent Emails for 365 days.

The report can be customized to include more than 30 columns of data with the Show/Hide Columns selections.

Note:  Although archived families are included in this report, if there is no email address for the family in the Lead File, they must be restored to the main database, add the email address and re-archive the family.

Students archived to the Lead File before 11/11/2015 will show up on the report with an active link; however, the enrollment information will not be available.

Compare Enrollment from Session to Session

Class sessions are not required in Jackrabbit but are helpful in many instances, including comparing enrollment. Using class sessions in Jackrabbit makes comparing enrollment from session to session very easy. The Enrollment Detail Report allows you to see who was enrolled in one session but not enrolled in another. 

Compare Enrollment Data without using Sessions

You can compare enrollment using a date range; however, this requires some additional steps. Jackrabbit cannot find non-returning students with just a date range. You will need to run the Enrollment Detail Report for a list of total students for each time frame and do a comparison. 

Analyze Retention by Instructor

If you have concerns over an instructor's performance, you can pull the Enrollment Detail Report to find a list of drops by an instructor and include the drop reason. Comparing results by Instructor allows you to see if there is a pattern or concern. This information is also helpful when building the next session of classes and conducting their performance review.