Discount Tuition Fees

There are several types of discounts you can apply when posting tuition fees in Jackrabbit. The type of discount available depends on the Billing Method used.

Multi-Class Discount 
(Billing Method By Class Fee)
Hours Discount 
(Billing Method By Total Hours)
Multi-Student Discount 
(Both Billing Methods)
Family Discount 
(Both Billing Methods)
  • Offered to specific families for things like military discounts, staff discounts, etc. Learn more about Family Discounts.
  • Defined in the Family record, on the Billing Info tab.
Additional Discounts 
(Both Billing Methods)
  • Offered to families when using the Post Tuition Fees function that are applied on top of all other discounts. Learn more about Additional Discounts. 
  • Defined in the Post Tuition Fees process with each batch created.