Use Transactions Search to locate a payment and make a refund or void.

  1. Go to Transactions on the menu bar and select Search. 
  2. Change the Transaction Date from field (to the first of the previous month) and change the Type field to Payment (Credit). 
  3. Click the Submit button on the Search Transactions screen.
  4. Select a payment to refund or void. Use the row menu for that payment and select Refund. 
  5. Choose the Refund Method from the drop-down list and complete the Refund Check # and Note fields if you wish. 
  6. Select which fee(s) to refund by clicking in the check box(es). 
  7. Click the Next button and indicate if the fee(s) are still due. 
  8. Select the Submit Refund button to record the refund (or void if ePayment hasn't settled with the gateway) to the family's Transactions tab.

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