Lesson #3 - Enroll/Register Students into Classes

Review (Optional)

Understand Enrollment Types

Methods for Staff to Enroll a Student

Enroll a New Student into Classes using Quick Registration

The Weekly Calendar - Your Command Central

Enroll a Student into Classes using Jackrabbit's Calendars

Post Tuition Fees During Enrollment in Jackrabbit

Openings (Classes With)

Class Schedule

Process Class Registrations Report

Practice - Enroll/Register a Student into a Class

QUIZ - Lesson #3 - Enroll/Register Students in Classes

Optional Topics - Lesson #3

Create a Trial Enrollment from Within Jackrabbit

Trial Enrollment During Online Web Registration

Staff Procedures for Trial Enrollments

Report on Trial Enrollments

Create a Future Enrollment

View Future Enrollments

Delete a Future Enrollment

Report/Track Future Enrollments

Add a Student to a Waitlist

Enroll a Student from a Wait List

Delete a Student from a Wait List

Email Wait Listed Students

Search/Report Wait Lists

QUIZ - Optional - Enroll/Register Students into Classes