The Jackrabbit Training System is intended for any business who needs a focused process to follow in order to train staff on the core functions of Jackrabbit. 

Each lesson in the system includes a quiz that feeds results to an assigned email address. A Jackrabbit database, separate from your own, is provided to allow trainees to practice as they are working through the lessons without affecting your data.

The lessons in Jackrabbit Basics learning series are designed to get you familiar with navigating and searching in Jackrabbit.

When you have worked through all of the articles outlined in a lesson plan, you may take the quiz where you can test your understanding of the concepts in the lesson.  

You will be asked to enter an email address for quiz results to be sent.  This may be your supervisor's email address. When you have completed a quiz, select Submit.

Next, select View Score to view your results and receive feedback.

The email address entered on the quiz will receive an email that includes the quiz responses and a View Score button to view the answers/score. 

Click the View Score button/link in the email.  Feedback on their responses is included for both correct and incorrect answers.  Incorrect answer feedback typically includes a link to the article covering the topic of the question that was missed.

Quizzes Number of Questions Total Possible Points Points Needed for an "A" Points Needed for a "B" Points Needed
for a  "C"
The Basics 11 11 9 8 7
Searching in Your Database 8 8 7 6 5

The Help Center has a full range of help articles beyond what is included in this Training System and also includes additional training options.  Select the ? icon on the menu bar in the Jackrabbit database to access the Help Center.

It is possible you may not have access in your Jackrabbit database to all areas mentioned in this Training System as access depends upon your user permissions.

If you have questions regarding using this Training System, contact

See Supervisor Instructions for information to give staff.  Includes a Lesson Checklist you can download or print.

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