To Do Tasks on the Executive Dashboard

The Tasks section of the Executive Dashboard may be used to assign tasks to any staff member who has a Jackrabbit User ID. Tasks can be assigned to specific users or to all users. Use the links in the Tasks window to view To Do, Completed, and tasks Assigned to Others.

  1. Click the Add link to add a task.

  2. Complete the information in the Add Task window:
    • Enter the name of the Task
    • Select Assign To or check Assign to All Users? to quickly assign a task to all Jackrabbit User IDs or select a specific user by highlighting the User ID
    • Add Notes and a Due Date if needed. The number of characters in the Notes section is limited to 4000.

  3. Click Save. The task will be displayed on the Executive Dashboard.
Assigning a task to all users is best used when each staff member needs to complete the task. When one user marks the task complete, it will still show for other users until they mark it complete. If one person is in charge of the task, it is best to assign the task to that person only.