Delete Multiple Transactions (undoing non-tuition related posted fees)

This option is most often used to delete fees that were posted in error when you used the following from the Transaction (menu) to post transactions:

  • Transactions (menu) > Post Transactions > Class Transactions
  • Transactions (menu) > Post Transactions > Annual Fees
  • Transactions (menu) > Post Transactions > Late Fees/Misc Fees

It's not possible to use this function to delete ePayments, fees that are fully or partially linked to payments, or tuition fees posted using Post Tuition Fees.

  1. Go to Transactions (menu) > Delete Transactions > Transaction Fees.
  2. Enter Search Criteria to tell Jackrabbit what transactions you want to delete. Date From/Through reflects the date you listed as the Transaction Date - not necessarily the date you posted the fee.
  3. Click Get Count. 

  4. Jackrabbit opens a window that indicates how many transactions will be deleted. Note: Use Transactions (menu) > Search to confirm incorrectly posted transactions before using Transactions (menu) > Delete Transactions > Transaction Fees.
  5. Click Return to go back to the previous Delete Transactions page to continue with the deletions.

  6. Click Submit (button on right) to delete the transactions.

  7. Click OK in the Are you sure you want to delete transactions? pop-up box.
  8. Jackrabbit opens a window confirming the fees have been deleted and family balances have been updated.