Process ePayments

What are ePayments, you ask? ePayment is simply the short form of electronic payment. It basically means paying for goods or services on the internet. 

ePayments in Jackrabbit allows you to process your customers'  credit cards or bank account drafts from within your database, known as integrated payments. This integration saves you time. You'll no longer have to go in and out of family account in Jackrabbit to record the payments you've had to process manually outside of Jackrabbit. Payments processed through Jackrabbit are automatically posted to your families' accounts, and their balances are updated accordingly. BAM!

Don't want to be tied to your computer? Set it and forget it with Automated ePayments, which allows you to schedule your credit card/bank account payments.

For you and your customers, the ePayment process is seamless, and the best part is Jackrabbit doesn't charge any extra fees to process ePayments!

ePayments is a pretty large topic, so we've broken it down into smaller pieces here for you. 

Get Set Up for ePayments

Jackrabbit offers an ePayments Wizard to guide you through the process of getting set up to accept credit cards and/or bank account drafts from within your database!

The wizard, located under the Gear (icon) > Set Up > ePayment Wizard will walk you through the following steps:

Select an ePayment Partner

Choose an ePayment Partner. Jackrabbit is the only class management software that partners with three providers to offer you a choice between three credit card processing merchants.

Manage User ID Permissions for ePayments

Decide which of your Jackrabbit database Users will have ePayment permissions.

Manage Credit Card & Bank Account Settings

Define which credit cards you will accept and configure settings for Online Registration (new customers) and Parent Portal (existing customers).

Manage Email Notification Settings

Determine your desired settings for receipts emailed to your customers.

Once you have completed the above setup, you'll want to be sure to check your gateway's settlement schedule. This is the cut-off for same-day transactions and should be set to the latest time possible to make bank reconciliation easier. Learn how to Set Your Gateway Settlement Schedule.

Note: If you have multiple Locations, Jackrabbit offers the ability to direct funds into different bank accounts based on a family’s Location; this is called Multi-Location ePayments. The article Using ePayments with Multiple Locations covers the considerations involved.

Working with ePayments in Jackrabbit

This section covers how to use ePayments in Jackrabbit.

Manage Credit Cards & Bank Accounts in the Family Record

Learn how to add, edit, and delete credit card and bank account information in the Family record.

Process a Single ePayment

Step through the various options when posting an ePayment to one family.

Process ePayments for Multiple Families

Save time by processing ePayments for multiple families at once.

Automate ePayments - Schedule ePayments to Process Later

Set it and Forget it! Schedule ePayments to process automatically.

Review Recent Transactions - ePayments

Review recently processed ePayments and view details of each batch.

ePayment Voids, Refunds, and Chargebacks

Learn how to correct errors, reverse transactions, and deal with chargeback issues.

Reconcile Bank Draft ePayments with Bank Statements

Because bank drafts are not processed in real-time, they can be tricky to reconcile. Check out this article for tips.

Understanding ePayments - A Deeper Dive

This section is for those looking for more information about the ePayments environment, PCI Compliance, the Virtual Terminal, and more.

How ePayments Work

Understand how ePayments flow through Jackrabbit to the Merchant Process and Gateway.

Credit Card Decline Codes

What do all these numbers mean?? Here are some guidelines that you can follow when trying to debunk a decline code.

Credit Card CVV Codes

Shows examples of the three or four-digit codes and explains what they're used for.

The True Cost of Credit Cards - Understanding Your Quoted Rate

Information to help you understand rates versus real costs.

Credit Card Surcharges and Convenience Fees

Jackrabbit can't automatically add fees to payments made using a credit card. Learn more about these fees.

Virtual Terminal/Console Explained

The virtual terminal or Jackrabbit Pay console provides transaction reporting for all ePayments submitted from your Jackrabbit database.

PCI Compliance

Created for organizations that handle cardholder information for the major credit cards, this information security standard reduces credit card fraud.

Need additional information? Just email us at and a Jackrabbit ePayments Specialist is ready to help.