Messaging Guidelines

Following anti-spam laws is crucial for businesses engaged in email marketing or electronic communication. These laws are designed to combat unsolicited and often intrusive messages, commonly referred to as spam. 

Ensure that your messages are effective, compliant with regulations, and well-received by your audience by following these guidelines.

Email Messaging Guidelines

To keep email service available and to prevent Jackrabbit Technologies from being spam black-listed, all emails sent from Jackrabbit must adhere to these guidelines.

All emails are monitored by our email delivery platform which filters all content to check for spam indicators. Messages that violate spam legislation will not be delivered.

Jackrabbit reserves the right to disable email functionality if we are alerted to abuse.

Provide an easy opt-out option

Include a visible opt-out link in every email. Honor opt-out requests promptly.

Learn about the opt-out process in Jackrabbit.

Maintain a clean mailing list

Email list cleaning involves regularly updating your email contact list by cleaning out inactive and outdated contacts and being responsive to opt-outs. Removing duplicates and bounced email addresses will also improve your email deliverability. Jackrabbit offers several email reports to help you with this effort.

Learn about the various email reports.

Use clear and honest subject lines

Use subject lines that accurately reflect the content of the email. Avoid clickbait or deceptive tactics to entice opens.

Provide your contact information

Include your physical address and a way for recipients to contact you in every email, as required by email marketing regulations.

Text Messaging Guidelines

Text messaging in Jackrabbit is intended to facilitate urgent and timely communication between your organization and customers. 

Jackrabbit texting is not intended as a general marketing tool.

Texting has very strict regulations on use governed by the FCC, CTIA, and MMA.  Not following these guidelines may cause your sending phone numbers to be blocked and your account to be closed.

Obtain consent

You must have consent from your families which can be obtained through an opt-in mechanism. Jackrabbit offers several ways to opt-in to receive your text messages.

Learn about the various opt-in methods for texting.

Provide an easy opt-out option

Include clear instructions on how to opt-out of receiving future messages and respect their preferences promptly. There are several ways to opt-out recipients in Jackrabbit.

Learn about the various opt-out methods for texting.

Additional best practices:

  • Minimize the number of messages per day. Too many messages will not only annoy customers but may trigger a carrier to block your sending phone number permanently. Jackrabbit will alert you when you’ve sent 200 cumulative texts in a 1-day period.
  • Avoid marketing phrases like "Congratulations," "Buy Now," or "Sale Today Only."
  • Avoid $ or other symbols that indicate marketing such as $199, Buy Now!, or 20% off.