Practice - Add a Class

Want to practice what you've just learned?  Great!  

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The Practice Database is refreshed each day at approximately 5:00 am Eastern Standard Time.  Anything you enter will be erased at that time.

Add a Class.

Classes Menu

  1. Point to the Classes in the menu bar and click Add Class.
  2. In the Add Class box enter a Class Name.
  3. Complete the fields as appropriate and click Save.

Weekly Calendar

Open the Weekly Calendar by clicking the Weekly Calendar button from the Executive Dashboard or the Calendar link to the right of the Global Search fields on the top of every screen in Jackrabbit.

  • You can double click in the time slot and day of the week for the new class to open the Add Class popup and complete the fields as appropriate.


  • You can select the Add Class button at the top of the Weekly Calendar and complete the fields as appropriate.