Enter Attendance from the Class Record

By default, all Jackrabbit databases are set to track absences. If your organization prefers to track attendance , contact Jackrabbit Support to request this change. Support will notify you when your organization's settings have been updated to track attendance. 

After Support has made this change, all areas in Jackrabbit that formally referred to Absences will now refer to Attendance. Note: It is necessary for you to logout and login again for the change to take effect.

To enter attendance:

  1. Navigate to the Class record and select the Enter Attendance button.     
  2. In the Attendance window, verify the attendance date is correct (click the calendar icon to select a different date).    
  3. Select the Attended? check box for the students who were in attendance.    
  4. Add Notes as needed for specific students.    
  5. Save Changes.