Enroll a Student from a Wait List

Students are never automatically enrolled from a waitlist into a Class by Jackrabbit.  Staff must use the instructions below to enroll a student from a class waitlist. Use the Executive Dashboard Alert, Waitlist for Classes with Openings, to keep track of when an opening becomes available so that the student at the top of the waitlist can be enrolled.

Enroll a Waitlisted Student

  1. Ensure you are viewing the correct Class.
  2. Click the Waitlist tab.
  3. Locate the appropriate student and click the Enroll link on the same line as the student's name.
    • In the Enrollment Details window, select an Enroll Date (if Allow Future Enrollments is set to Yes under the Gear (icon) > Settings > General > Organization Defaults (left menu) > Class Settings. If Allow Future Enrollments = No, the Enroll Date will not be editable). 
    • Select an Enroll Type (if different from the default, Enrolled). 
    • Select a Future Drop Date if applicable. If you have set Send Enrollment Email to Instructor to Yes under the Gear (icon) > Settings > General >Organization Defaults (left menu) > Class Settings, you'll also see an Email Primary Instructor checkbox.
  4. Click Enroll. The student is deleted from the waitlist and enrolled in the class.
  5. In the Post Enrollment Fees window, post the class tuition fee, if applicable, by clicking Post Fees. You may also choose to post an additional fee(s) at this time (e.g. registration fee) if needed. To avoid posting any fee, click the Close button only.

Students may also be enrolled from a waitlist to a class using the Executive Dashboard Alert - Waitlist for Classes with Openings.