Before You Begin with Process ePayments (Batch ePayments)

Prior to using Transactions > Process ePayments we recommend you check all of the following:

Jackrabbit User has the correct permissions

The Jackrabbit User must have appropriate permissions to batch credit cards/bank accounts.  Transactions > Process Credit Cards/Bank Accts is not visible to a User without permission. To set permissions point to the Gear (icon) > Settings > Users & Permissions.

Family record - ePayment method set correctly

Each family must have the ePayment Method field (Family Billing Info tab) set to either Credit Card or Bank Account on the Billing Info tabThis is how Jackrabbit determines whether to transmit a family's credit card data or bank account data for processing.

Note: If this field is blank, the family will be excluded from the batch processing. Run a Family ePayment Listing report with criteria for ePayment Method set to (no value, yet has a credit card or bank account on file) to find any families missing an ePayment Method.

Credit card or bank account information in the Family record

Each family must have either credit card or bank account information entered on the Billing Info tab.

Families (menu) - check for missing information

Go to the Families (menu) > Family Reports > Family ePayment Listing to locate any missing information.

Families (menu) - check for expired credit card

Go to the Families (menu) and filter for Financial Details > Has Missing Expired Credit Card. You can email families who have a missing or expired credit card using the pre-made template in your database. Add the link to your Parent Portal in the email template allowing parents to login and update the existing card or add a new card on file easily.

After processing the ePayments, you may want to email your families. Jackrabbit offers the ability to send statements, via email to multiple families at one time. Include a link to your Parent Portal in your email notification as well.