Tuition Discount Rules (By Class Fee) - An Overview

Watch a (2:41) video tutorial on How to Set Up Discount Rules for Classes Billed By Class Fee

Tuition Discount Rules define the discounts you offer:

Once you have created the Tuition Discount Rule in your Tuition Settings (Tools menu) they are assigned at the individual class level in the Class record on the Summary tab. Each class can only have one Tuition Discount Rule.

You can assign different rules to different sets of classes. Example: Offer recreation classes that are eligible for discounting (using a Tuition Discount Rule that you create) at the same time as having competitive Team classes that do not count towards discounting (using the No Discounts rule).

Until you assign a different discount rule to a class, each class is given the No Discounts rule and tuition fees post in full. Once a rule is assigned to a class (Class record > Summary tab), the class will use that rule's discounts in Post Tuition Fees, Online Web Registration, and Quick Registration.

To assign rules to many classes at once, use the Edit All Classes tool from the Classes menu.