The Post Tuition Fees Function - An Overview

Watch a (2:46) video tutorial for an overview of the Post Tuition Fees function

The Post Tuition Fees function, located in the Transactions menu, allows you to post tuition fees to multiple families at once! This is referred to as a batch.

This robust functionality takes many things into consideration, allowing you a high level of customization to meet your particular billing practices:

  • Tuition Billing Method - do you bill your tuition fees based on the class fee or do you base it on the number of hours a student, or family of students, spend in class weekly? Maybe you use a combination of both methods!
  • Tuition Billing Cycles - how often do you bill your families for tuition?
  • Discounting - do you offer discounts for multiple students in a family taking classes, students who take multiple classes, or other types of discounts?
  • Prorating - do you prorate tuition fees for students who enroll after the Billing Cycle has started, when your facility is closed, or when a class meets more than the standard number of times in a month (4)?
  • Student and Family Fixed Fees - do you have students or families that have very specific billing structures too complex to define with discounts, etc.?
Before using this function you will need to review your Tuition Settings. Visit the Tuition Settings section for full details.

Use the links in this article, and the articles related below, to learn more about the Post Tuition Fees function; things to consider and how to get started!