Post Tuition During Enrollment from within Jackrabbit

When a student is enrolled in Jackrabbit using an Enroll button, an Enroll link, or via Quick Registration/Add Family, Jackrabbit provides an opportunity to post the tuition fee for the class enrolled in. This is a convenience feature and is optional.  

When a student is enrolled, a Post Enrollment Fees window opens allowing the option of posting the class tuition fee and two other fees to the newly enrolled student's family. Posting fees at enrollment is optional and can be declined by clicking the Close button. The student is enrolled in the class regardless of whether fees are posted.

Post the Class Tuition Fee by adding any additional information and clicking the Post This Fee button. Orig. Fee is pre-populated with the Class Tuition Fee from the Class Summary page of the enrolled class.  This amount is not editable unless the user has permission to change Orig. Fees.  (Use Tools > Manage User & Permissions.  Click the User ID.  Click User Permissions.  Check Edit Original Fee in the Transactions section. Save Changes.)

If an additional fee(s) needs to be posted (registration fee, etc.), complete the fields in the bottom section and select the Post check box next to the fee to have it included in the posting.